The Reasons behind the Social Conflict of “Nobility” in Ubykh Society

Aleksandr A. Cherkasov, Vyacheslav I. Menkovsky,Vladimir G. Ivantsov, Aleksandr A. Ryabtsev,Violetta S. Molchanova,Olga V. Natolochnaya

Palaeolithic wooden artefacts from the Georgia

Jos G.M. Creemers

The effect of social media on brand loyalty
Jafar Mousavi,Hadi Shokouhian Rad,Nematollah Asayesh

Comparative results in 90 elective recipients of primary OrthotopicLiver Transplantation
Mark Pedersen,Anil Seetharam

Comparison of marital satisfaction and mental health among Couples with and withoutdowry

Sanjar Fakhri,Parviz Sharifi Daramadi,Ali Esmaeli

Effect of mitochondrial tRNALys mutation on the Biochemical Characteristics ofLectin CBL-1 Isolated from the Greater Celandine(Chelidonium majus L.)Plant
Yan Lu, Tiehui Xiao

The Role of Q uran analogies to understand great divine teachings

Zahra Kashaniha,Sayyed Mohsen Mirbagheri,Fatemeh Babashah

Associated Factors with Patient and Health System Delay duringDiagnosis of Tuberculosis in East-Azerbaijanprovince,Iran

Farzane Divsalar,Ahmad kousha,Hamid Allahverdipour,Mohammad Asghari Jafar Abadi,Simin khayatzade,Zeinab Javadi vala

Study of Physical Performance of Highly Skilled Football Players via Physical Working CapacityTest

Romanoz Svanishvili 

The Effect of Marginalization on Crime Rate(Case Study: Koi Mohtasham Gorgan)

Peyman Khan Qoli

An integrated pattern by employing SWOT-BSC for outlining strategy
Mohammadjavad Hozouri,NafisehTorabi

Tehran's organization by stressing on non-concentration
Danial Ayoub Nejad,Saeed Sadeghlou,Hossein Zanganeh Shahraki

Medical Abortion in India and Introduction of First Trimester

P. Yennawar

Stratigraphical Correlation of the Barremian-Aptian Sedimentary Sequences of the Okriba-Khreiti and Dzirula Tectonic Subzones (Georgia)
F.N.Irani, Leila Dadashi

Stratigraphical Correlation of the Barremian-Aptian Sedimentary Sequences of the Okriba-Khreiti and Dzirula Tectonic Subzones (Georgia) Dzirula Tectonic Subzones (Georgia)
Mikheil Kakabadze,Irakli Kakabadze,Mevlud Sharikadze

A Comparative Study between the Merchant of Venice and Dezh-E Hushruba: a Narratological Approach
Raheleh Kherolahi,Mohammad Javad Hozouri

A Comparative Study between the Merchant of Venice and Dezh-E Hushruba: a Narratological Approach

Sahar Saketi Rad

Re-examination of geophysical to the Late Cretaceous plate tectonics between Malaysia andIndia

Sanchari Roy

Investigation of the effect of the degree of openness of the economy on real effective exchange rate Volatility: case study (the Iran economy)

Bayram Pakravan,Asadollah FarzinVash,Farhad Ghaffari

Study on Europe's role in management of Bosnian crisis

Abolfazl Kamali

Covering Rough Sets Based on Granules and Evidence Theory Solution of Minimal Set Partition

Anhui Tan, Jinjin Li

The role of passive defense in the crisis management of Lifeline under the earthquake effect Seyed

Dejan Bezbradica,Branimir Jugović

The role of passive defense in the crisis management of Lifeline under the earthquake effect SeyedSeyed

Mosayeb Eftekhari,Mohsen Etemady,Seyed Mahmood Hosseini

Religious reflex in the verse of Nasim-e Shomal

Shahin Rashid Beigi,Fariba Ramezani Zadeh

Using an Artificial Neural Network Model for Wind Speed Prediction in the Mountainous Region of Georgia 

Mu. Ramkumar

Companies' Financing Methods and Forecasting Error of Operating CashFlow

Hosien Malekvar,Mohamadreza Abdoli

Relationship between Costs Stickiness and Corporate Governance

Hosien Malekvar,Mohamadreza Abdoli

Challenges encountering the placement and execution of combined administrative or managerial System in addition to the work Performance in the personnel of Medical Sciences and Health Services department in capital Tehran

Morad Kordi,Sajjad Haji Baba Ali 

Investigation the relationship between social capital and farmers’ tendency to Participating in Integrated Management Plan of Lake Urmia Basin (IMLU) inIran

Reibvar Isanezhad,Shapour Zarifian,Hosein Raheli,Hosein Kouhestani

Georgian Multidimensional Poverty Reduction

Meghna Krishnadas 

Legal and Judicial Discussion of Transfer Case during option

Reza Sowlati Rad, Gholamreza Abdoli

Numerical simulation of turbulent flow around two cam shaped cylinders in tandem arrangement

Mojtaba Daneshi

Return guarantee and guarantee of responsibility in Iran’slaw

Zohreh Kazemi,Mahboobeh Sadat Hosseininiya,Vahid Kazemi, Ali Mahmoudian

Commencing age of criminal responsibility in Iranian legislative periods

Dariush Merizadeh,Sajad Naderi Lordejani, Ali Mahmoudian

Position the rule of “whole sold goods under an obligation” in article 387 of Iranian civillaw
Mohammad Hossein Jafari, Reza Amin Pour

Recognition of Insurgents from Viewpoint of InternationalLaw

Mohammad Fattahi Alkouhi, Hassan Yousefi Ahmad Mahmoudi, Zohreh Kazemi

A Comparison of cognitive profiles of students with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disorderin

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV

Abasian Maryam, Shamsaee Mohammad Mahdi, Asadi Javanshir, Pour Shahbaz Abbas, Rahimpour Farzaneh, Saffarian Zahra, Abasian Mahboubeh, Abasi, Imane,Abasian, Masoumeh

Dynamic Effects of Rising Oil Prices on Consumer Energy Prices in Indianergy Prices inIndia

Anshul Jain, Sajal Ghosh

Examining the critical factors in developing electronic banking in Iran(samanbank)

Zahra Haghighatbin, Hamid Sadjadi

Comparative consideration about the position of lawyer in preliminary investigations based on Iranian code of criminal procedure (2013)

Amin Amirian, Simin Azadian

Failuring of Secular nationalism in Iraq and Rising of radical Islamism

Khaled Sheykholeslami,Asad Khezri

Evaluation of Entrance Suspended Sediment Load into Yamchi Dam Basin Using Artificial Neural Network

Mohammad Allahbakhsh,Jamil Ghaderi,Mohsen Salimi

Legitimacy and Different Political Systems

Khaled Sheykholeslami,Asad Khezri

Comparing the Efficiency and Influence of Marriage Enrichment (TIME-Olson) and the Quality-of-Life Improvement Program on Increasing Females'Marital SatisfactionMarital Satisfaction

Zahra Lotfi, Hasan Heidari

The Effects of Positive Psychological on stress level capital Indian preschool student

Arnab Kumar Praharaj

The Effectiveness of Training Emotional Intelligence Skills on High School Female Students' Vocational Self-Concept in Zone Five of Isfahan
Somaye Abedi Dorche, Hasan Heidari

Designation of a fluorescence-based nanobiosensor for detection of bovin haptopglobin

Reza Abadieh,Shahabeddin Safi,Afshin Mohsenifar,Mansour Bayat

Stable residential tower with the view of bungalows building’s construction on different floors

Sirous Majid Zadeh,Mohsen Tabassi,Fereshteh Safari

Neural Metworks and Distinctive Laterality of Supporting Action Understanding in Left-and Rightsupporting Action Understanding in Left-andRight

Bolesław Kacewicz

The Effect of Public Areas (Social Fundraising) on the Feeling of Security of the Young Residents (Age 17-20) of Shirabad, Zahedan

Iman Maadani,Foroogh Heidarpoor,Seyyed Jalal Khaleghi,Amirreza Karimi Azari,Seyyed Bagher Hoseini,Reza Parvizi

Fuzzy Control of Microgrid and Efficiency Optimization using Genetic Algorithm

Mohammad Chaman Pira,Majid Gandomkar

Study and Compare Decorative Arrays and Patterns in Two Religious Monuments, Haroon Velayat Hhrine in Isfahan Province

Shahrbanoo Khazan,Vigen Ghazarian

Study the Rural Offices of ICT on the Development of Economic Activities in Villages in the Province of Khorasan Razavi

Alireza Khorakian,Ali Asghar Nikous

Controlling the Decentralized Reactive Power for Advanced Distribution Automation Systems Using the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

Amir Barkat Rezaei,Mohammad Zahbi Zadeh,Seyed Sajad Razmjoo

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Fault Detection Using Fuzzy Unsupervised Clustering

Vahid Khodashenas Limouni,S.Asghar Gholamian

A Photovoltaic System Connection to Single-Phase Grid through the Z – Source Inverter

Jamshid Roshdi,Jaber Pouladi

Identifying the Condition of Arm through Classification of EMG Signals by the Use of Hybrid Trained Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference Systems (ANFIS)

Faezeh Rajablou,Mahmood Ghanbari

Rearrange the Project to Island the Distribution Power Network

Mohammadreza Aminian,Hadi Zayandehroodi

Frequency Control of Isolated Hybrid Power Network Using Fuzzy Controllers

Mahdie Hasanpour Qadikolai

Device Control Interface for Extracting the Maximum Power from the PMSG Wind Generator

Bahram Dadashikhales,Jamshid Roshdi,Mehran Sabahe

Modeling and Simulation of Wind Farm with STATCOM in MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment

Salman Amirkhan,Hassan Pourvali Souraki,Masoud Radmehr

Analysis of Voltage Profile in Multi-Grounded Four-Wire Power Distribution Systems Considering the Ground Resistance

Hassan Pourvali Souraki,Salman Amirkhan,Masoud Radmehr

The Design of a Multilevel Converter Connected to the Grid for Wind Turbines with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator

Bahram Dadashi Khales,Mehran Sabahe

Ozone Content Distribution and Using Satellite and Ground Observation and Modelling of Atmospheric dust in Nigeria


Study of of GC/MS Quantitation in Pollution, Compounds in Crude Oils with GC/MS

Praveen Mani Mishra

A Comparative Study of Management in Islam and the West in the Area of Management Process, A Case Study of Academic and Seminary Experts in Kermanshah

Saeideh Lotfipour,Hassan Rangriz,Mehdi Sadeghi