Evaluating relationship between thinking styles of managers to embrace change of governmental agencies of East Azerbaijan province

F.N.Irani, A.Asgharzadeh

The “Nobility” and “Commoners” in Ubykh Society: The Reasons behind the Social Conflict

Aleksandr A. Cherkasov, Vyacheslav I. Menkovsky,Vladimir G. Ivantsov, Aleksandr A. Ryabtsev,Violetta S. Molchanova, Olga V. Natolochnaya

Using of Blood from Cadaveric Donor in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Mogely Khubutia,Sergey Zhuravel,Vladimir Guliaev,Valentina Nikulina,Murad Novruzbekov,Svetlana Kabanova,Valeriy Khvatov

Equilibrium Solution of Non-cooperative Bimatrix Game of Z-Numbers


The Unique Wooden Vessel from Colchis

Leri Jibladze,Vakhtang Shatberashvili, Revaz Kvirkvaia Georgian

Partial Purification and Biochemical Characteristics of Lectin CBL-1 Isolated from the Greater Celandine(Chelidonium majus L.) Plant

Maia Khurtsidze,Nugzar Aleksidze,George Alexidze

The critique of joint due and its effects

Seyed Ahmad Mir Khalili,Mohsen Poorian

Investigation of changes in Electrosorption properties ThermallyExpanded Graphite Covered with Polypyrole ThermallyExpanded Graphite Covered with Polypyrole

Mark M. Goldin

Synthesis of novel furo-pyran derivatives via reaction between Adamantane Fragment Containing New Dipeptides

Tinatin Bukia,Davit Zurabishvili

An Investigation on the Management Strategies of Cultural Difference in Cross Nation Institutions
Farahnaz Ghandforosh

Some recent developments on the Marketing Research

Teona Dochviri

Comparative instruction relating to bank warranty of Money and Credit Council, the new draft law Uniform rules for demand guarantees
Mohammad Zali,Gholam Reza Abdoli

The study of rights and commitments of parties involved in BOT projects
Hamed Eskandari ,Gholamreza Abdoli

Giorgi Tsereteli (1842-1900) and His Literary and Theoretical Views Theoretical Views

Manana Kajaia


Integration model using SWOT-BSC for drawing strategy in Information Technology industry
Saeed Ahmadpour Kasgary,Mostafa Tahmasebi,Bahram Torabi

Western-type light-water nuclear reactors of GeorgianResearch Reactor

Shukuri Abramidze,Akaki Gigineishvili,Noe Katamadze,Grigol Kiknadze,Giorgi Nabakhtiani,Malkhaz Razmadze,Zaza Rostomashvili,Zurab Saralidze

E-Сommerce and Internet fraud offence

Hamid Hedayati,Gholam Reza Abdoli

Serodiagnosis of leptospirosis in Cattle in Khorramabad, west Iran

Shahram Maleki,Ali Sookhtehzari,Gholamreza Abdollahpour

Influence of Global Warming on the Near-Surface Air Temperature Field in Georgia Temperature Field in Georgia

Kukuri Tavartkiladze,Nodar Begalishvili,Tengiz Tsintsadze,Antaz Kikava

The Relationship between Entrepreneurship Roles and Family Business
Saeed Ahmadpour Kasgary,Amin Ali Zendehdel,Shadi Diryanchi

Forward gluon production in hadron–hadron scattering with Pomeron loops Hadron-Nucleus Collisions Pomeron loops Hadron-Nucleus Collisions

Lali Akhobadze,Yuri Tevzadze

A Study of the Impact of Marketing Elements on Job Satisfaction; (Case Study: Melat Bank)
Mohammad Reza Mohammadi,Shirin Pakseresht,Mahnaz Eskandarian

Engineering Measures For Debris Flow Hazard Mitigation In The Georgian Earthquake Area
L. Gabrichidze

Rehabilitation of the Offenders

Khatere Karbassi,Gholamreza Abdoli

Supporting Activities Pattern Model of Total Quality Management, Total Productive Maintenance And Just In Time

Saeed Ahmadpour Kasgari,Farid Asgar

Music, Neurology and Psychology and Influence of Them on Chinese Sports  Trainings

Yuhki Horie, Kyo-hei Hotta

Cancer therapy challenges, Versus Natural killer cells

Faezeh Kashefiolasl,Soroush Khoeiniha,Paria Mostafai Rad

Cardiovascular diseases in encountering with the stress of Autophagy and oxidation

Faezeh Kashefiolasl,Elham Gharib

The Role of Vocational Education and Training in India

Gauri Tiwari

Effect of budget deficit on production, inflation and trade balance of Iran-Based on the synchronous equations’ model

Mehdi Adinevand

Comparative analysis of monoclonal antibody N-Lactosylation of Amino Benzoic Acidsusing stable isotope labelling and UPLC-fluorescence

Sun-Gu Lee,Byung-Gee Kim

Card-Type secondary diols are synthesized by means of oxyalkylation of bisphenols and Different Diisocyanates

Huiyong Wang,Shenjiang Yu



Equilibrium and Optimal Tax Rates in the Models of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply (Laffer-Keynesian Synthesis)

Iuri Ananiashvili,Vladimer Papava

Prior and following the death of parents: The legal position of the baby Surrogacy

Robabeh Mohseni Bababdani,Zahra Najafzadeh Moghaddam

Emotional intelligence and the mediated role of Self-effectiveness described by marriage satisfaction model Self-effectiveness described by marriage satisfaction model

Susan Hamidian,Fatemeh Sharif Mousavi

Evaluating Armenia's technological capability in manufacturing wind turbines

Karen Houkasian,Serkis Karapetian

A Scrutiny on Projects by Effective Traits Appraisal Pattern, ICE Model

Farid Asgar,Alireza Bikdeli,Tara Abdikhorsand

Description in Ordinary Differential Equations by Complex Geometrical Optics for the Geometrical Gaussian Martingale

Won-Don Joo

Water Power Resources of the Rivers Lawrence River Basin

Murman Keburia

Effect Errors on Financial reporting with tax, declared and diagnostic differences (companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange)

Maryam Lotfi,Mohammad Reza Abdoli

Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Mannose Binding lectin: from India EndemicPlant Polygonatumobtusifolium Miscz. Rhizomes

Kalichamy Alagarasu,Paramasivam Selvaraj

Profit Sharing: Necessity Success For Companies Particularly In recession period

Alireza Ghaffari

Evaluation of Factors Effective on Individual Investors’ Interest in Capitalization in the Tehran Stock Exchange(Case Study: Individual Investors Residing in the City of Sanandaj)

Mohammad Reza Rezaei,Ataollah Mohamadi Malgharani

Impact of The Rise and Fall of The World's First Fat Taxb by Standard Keynesian Model

Fulvio Castellacci,Christine Mee Lie

Evaluation of Investment in Intangible Assets on Future Operating Cash Flows of Companies Accepted in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Shiva Zandi Moghadam,Ataollah Mohamadi Malgharani

Genetic diversity of Rubus L.(Rosaceae) in the Northern Iran

Somayeh Ataei-e Jaliseh,Iraj Mehregan,Alireza Tarang ,Taher Nejadsattari

Comparison Analysis of Attitude to Change in Knowledge Based and Non-Knowledge-Based Organization

Abolfazl Sohrabi,Farrokh Pourbijan,Kourosh Asayesh

The Comparison of the Results of Palynological and Microfaunistical Investigations of the Amazon

F. Wittmann

Spirituality and mysticism and contemporary human

Samaneh Taghavi Rad,Mahshid Izadi,Masoumeh Samadi

Multiple and Simple Regression Analysis, Working Life quality and Customer Relation with managerial Staff across different branches of Tehran National Bank during 2015
Morad Kordi,Mohammad Hasanpour

Indian economic and effectr of growing of coastal counties beneficial for the whole areandian economic and effectr of growing of coastal counties beneficial for the whole area

D.Gambhir, Tamaryn D. Napp

The relationship between financial capital and abnormal return
Hanifeh Meraji,Mohamadreza Abdoli

Determining the Optimal Structure and Performance and Efficiency Evaluation For Water And Wastewater Organizations In Iran: A Nonparametric Approach

Abolfazl Moghimi,Ali FazelYazdi,Shahin Dehghan Harati

VET Model of Organization of VET Teachers’ Technological Competences Development in Vocational Education and Training in Georgia

V. Gevorkyan

Corporate effective tax rates in the Models of Aggregate Demand Aggregate Demand

Gvantsa Piralishvili

Resistance to change in online banking and Extension technology acceptance model (TAM)

Valid Parade Biranvand,Mohamd Hakkak,Omid Nazari Nejad

Central public sector enterprises ans Sustainable procurement disclosure practices in ChinaCentral public sector enterprises ans Sustainable procurement disclosure practices in China

Meha Jain, Shahid Naeem

Analysis the Influence of Trusting a Brand, Brand Logo and Brand’s Character on Deciding to Buy, Considering Loyalty Mediator Role for a Brand

Niloofar Naziri,Behrooz Ghasemi,Soheil Sarmad Saeidi

Explain The Relationship Between Green Brand Image, Green Satisfaction and Green Trust and Factors Affecting on Green Brand Equity

Elmira Nazari,Behroz Ghasemi,Soheil Sarmad Saeidi

Using of Blood from Cadaveric Donor in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Mogely Khubutia,Sergey Zhuravel,Vladimir Guliaev

Investigation the effect of organizational revolution receptivity on organizational accomplishment in education organization of Bonab City of Iran
F.N.Irani, A.Asgharzadeh