Study the Effects of Herbal Plants Advertising on the Volume of Costumer Parching
Anatole A. Klyosov

Functional semiconducting silicon nanowires and their composites

Reza Yazdani,Msryam javdab

On Some Goodness-of-Fit Tests Based on Kernel Type Wolverton-Wagner Estimates
Elizbar Nadaraya,Petre Babilua,Grigol Sokhadze

Cyclic Configurations of Spherical Quadrilaterals
Grigory Giorgadze,Giorgi Khimshiashvili

Equivalence of Convergence for Almost all Signs and Almost all Rearrangements of Functional Series
Sergei Chobanyan,Shlomo Levental,Vidyadhar Mandrekar

On Estimation of the Remainder Term of the Generalized Sampling Series
Zurab Piranashvili

Constructive Method for the Recognition of Patterns
Zurab Kipshidze,Alexander Chaduneli,Gulaber Ananiashvili,George Ghlonti

Analysis of Priority Queuing System for Replacements and Renewals
Ramaz Khurodze,Revaz Kakubava,David Gulua

Adaptation of Factor of characteristic in Commercializationfor Iran’s SMEs

Mahmoud Manoochehry Amoli ,Nader Seyyedamiri ,Mahmoud Ziaee ,Fazlollah Akbari Ziyarani

Not entitled to full textModeling the response of physical and mechanical propertiesNot entitled to full textModeling the response of physical and mechanical properties

J. Hoerber, J. Glasschroeder

Effects of peptone supplementation of culture medium on growth profile and productivity of CHODG44 cells

 Ehghaghi Alireza,Eghbalpour Farnaz,Davami Fatemeh

Harmony of human beings with nature and beyond it
Mkhoy Minasian


Assessment of genetic differentiation of two Mediterranean subspecies of Teucrium
Boufeldja Tabtib

Courts and Forensic Science Discrimination concept at world society
Terry Carney

Semantics of ‘Rabb’as an Attribute of God in the Framework of Quranic Teachings
Hassan Rezaee Haftador,Elaheh Miri Ramsheh,Fath Allah Najar Zadegan

Why to adopt and accept Total Quality Management by the Organization managers of physical education field:a research study in Shiraz-Iran
Maryam Akbarzadeh,Shahriar Ahmad Beigi,Parisa Khajeh Nejad,Mojtaba Ebrahimi

A brief comparison matrix of different features for Short-term Earthquake Prediction Using Neuro-Fuzzy and Mlp Classifiers

Leila Dehbozorgi

Definition and Concept of urban square in view of urban spaces and buildings
Binqing Zhai

Study and analysis of sustainable architectural plans in housing during latter period of Qajar, Tehran
Abasalt Askari Rabori,Arman Nikkhah,Asma Mehan

Establishing of Safavid’s rule and reviving of political- national identity of Iranians

Nusrat Khatoon Alavi

Sense of Policy crime at local and international laws

Javad Khani,Samira Malek Mohammadi

Skill, sacrifice and forbearing as the desirable outcomes of aged care in Iranian families: A thematic analysis

Shahnaz Pouladi,Anoshirvan Kazemnejad,Monireh Anoosheh,Armin Zareiyan

The Study of the Appropriateness of Technical-Vocational Education
Petre Babilua,Grigol Sokhadze

Impracticability and Contract adjustment In United States Law
Ali Mazrei,Amir Hosseinabadi

Studying the Relationship between the Traditional Structure and Employees Maturity in public organizations
Anzor Khelashvili

Bahrainian women viewpoints with respect to their participation in social development
Fariba Rokni

Digital images water marking with useful payload on the wavelet field and comparing it with space fields and transforming discrete Cosine
Seyed Aidin Ardestani,Hakob G.Sarukhanyan

Design, Simulation, Prototyping and Replacing a Static Inverter on Aircraft
Teimuraz Nadareishvili


The study of human rights of America during 2000-2014
Werner Seibt

Investigation on production and mechanical characteristics of copper-matrix Nano-composites strengthened with carbon nanotubes through metallurgy of powder

Saeed Hariri

Computer Simulation of Performance and Transient Behavior of A Salt Gradient Solar Pond

M.H. Shojaeefard,Afshin Hooshangi,Kambiz Divsalar,Rahim Behnam nik

Socioeconomic decontamination by ultrasound application in fresh fruits and vegetables status correlation with consumption of fruit and vegetables

 Amitava Dasgupta

Ebn-e- Habariye and his state in didactic literature in accordance with his three important literary works

Zahra Khosravi,Seyyed Mohammad Reza Musavi