The «Bulletin of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences» publishes research articles and scientific contributions by Academy Members and Foreign Associates of major importance in different fields of science and technologies. The Journal also accepts for publication original, high-quality and reviewed studies, upon their submission by a Member of the «Georgian National Academy of Sciences».


Beginning with 2009, the Journal is issued in three volumes annually; each consecutive volume comes out at the end of April, August, and December.


 Manuscripts should be presented in the following form:

1. Two double-spaced copies of the manuscript, printed on a white paper A4, marginated 20 mm below and above, 30 mm on the sides, must be provided. The length of the manuscript should not exceed 12 printed pages, including all text with figures, tables, and equations.

2. Manuscripts should be written in English and sent to the Editorial Board. Attached to the manuscript should be:
  - Short information about the research work by the author(s), including specific contribution to the published work;
  - Qualified references from different Institutions;
Articles will be evaluated by the Editorial Board and may be rejected or subjected to further review.

3. Manuscript order:
  - Full name(s), surname(s) of the author(s);
  - Affiliation(s), postal address, e-mail;
  - Abstract;
  - Key words;
  - Text, including acknowledgements and funding sources;
  - References in the order of citation (square brackets used);
  - Figures and Tables must be given on separate pages. Pictures and photos must be original;
  - Figure legends;
  - The last page of the manuscript must be signed by the author(s).

4. Electronic version: CD-ROM in Times New Roman. Text: Supply Word, Word Perfect, RTF. Figures and Tables must be submitted as separate files, not imbedded in manuscript text. Provide figure images in TIFF, EPS, high resolution PDF, JPEG. Tables: Supply Word, Word Perfect, RTF. Include one Table per file. Do not use tabs or spaces to separate columns in Word or Word-Perfect Tables.

5. The author will be asked to give consent to publish the manuscript in print and electronic version. Corrected version is not returned to the author(s). The Editorial Board reserves the right not to consider the paper, if the instructions are ignored. For symbols and style conventions, authors should consult current issues of the Journal.

6. Transliteration of the Russian text into Roman letters should be given according to the LC system.

7. Publication charging 200 USD.


8. You can submit your manuscript here.


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